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This is a temporary website created to support the communities in and around the Southport area as people adjust to COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”).

Inspired by the hard work done by  @MrJRan , with a more high level view (, this aims to assist the local Southport community in organising their efforts in assisting people during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.

Around the world, movements to help communities are growing in pace. This website will only be available for a limited period of time, and does not replace local campaigning.

It is intended to highlight how individuals, organisations and businesses are all doing their bit to help with what is, for many, a difficult time.

How does this website work?

  1. You post a message. This could be raising awareness of a local issue, a service, your own kind offer or a request for help.
  2. Behind the scenes we will contact requesters and offers
  3. As this develops, we may tweak the website further depending on feedbacl.

Examples of the website working are: a local community group recruiting volunteers, you drawing attention to businesses who are going above and beyond, or somebody requesting for or offering to buy some groceries and drop them off.

It’s also a great way of tracking just how far kindness spreads. Let us know what’s been happening in your community!

Who is behind the website?

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